If your small business site uses WordPress as a content manager, be aware that you can add features to your website without spending a fortune. Ask your programmer to install these plugins for you. It’s simple, fast and the new features of your website will surely improve the customer service of your SME.

Here are five plugins to improve customer service on your website.

5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Customer Satisfaction

5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Customer Satisfaction

  1. Customer Service Management – “Responsive Ticket System”

If your SME is flooded with hundreds of emails from customers and from checking and arranging to follow-ups, your website probably needs the customer service management system. This system works as a central customer service center on your website. Once the customer arrives on your website, he can open a ticket (a kind of call) to have a problem solved. This ticket will be read by the designated persons, and the monitoring will be done by the manager. The tickets can be classified as “pending,” “answered” and “open,” and according to the department concerned, which gives managers the ability to rigorous monitoring.

Why use the “Responsive Ticket System” plugin?

  1. Automatic report by e-mail;
  2. Organizing your tickets in order of priority;
  3. Ability to filter tickets according to the statuses “open,” “closed,” “pending” and “answered”;
  4. Management of departments (each department will have access to only its tickets);
  5. Customer Service Report;
  6. Captcha code, to avoid spam;
  7. Mobile friendly: you can meet your customers from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Reservation Management – “Booking System PRO”

If your SMB manages customer bookings over the phone, please check the Booking System Pro plugin. It will allow your SME to offer your customers a booking service via the internet, via a calendar displayed on your website. Guests will be able to book specific days or hours in a day, depending on your availability.

Why use the “Booking System Pro” plugin?

  1. More than 5K downloads, with an average rating of 4.06 / 5;
  2. Low price: $ 44 per website;
  3. Discounts: possibility of configuring the number of hours/minutes / days available in a reservation request;
  4. Fees and taxes: Add taxes or fees related to pay;
  5. Coupon: the creation of discount coupons;
  6. Flexible form: Ask your customers only the information you need.
5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Customer Satisfaction

5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Customer Satisfaction

3. Cat Chat X

Did you know that:

44% of online consumers indicate that interacting with a live chat service is one of the most important services a website can offer. (Forrester);

63% of customers say they are more inclined to return to a website that offers live chat service. (Forrester);

26% of customers will use a live chat service if self-service is not available. (Synthetix)

38% of consumers say they have made a purchase online through a chat service. (Forrester)

If your SME uses the services of a telephonist, you can delegate the task of answering your customers’ questions online, in real time, directly on your website. It’s a way to increase the engagement of users of your website and improve your customer service.

Why use the “Chat X” plugin?

  1. More than 36K downloads, with an average rating of 4.47 / 5;
  2. Low cost: only $ 24 per website;
  3. Completely customizable: format, color, welcome message and message when the operators are offline;
  4. Archiving option by e-mail (before and after your opening hours);
  5. Ask for the information of your customers or leads before the chat to do follow-ups (great tool for generating leads and increase interaction with your web you);
  6. Database with chat history;
  7. The possibility of configuring several operators, according to the department, with different accesses and rights;
  8. Ability to answer up to 50 different clients at the same time.
5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Customer Satisfaction

5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Customer Satisfaction

4. Faq – “FAQ Accordion”

According to Forrester research, 67% of customers want to find answers to their questions in self-service, and 45% of consumers will abandon their purchases if they do not find an answer quickly enough. According to Gartner, within six years customers will pay about 85% of their problems on the internet without any human interaction and, according to Synthetix, 90% of consumers will visit the company’s website before sending an email or call.

 Why use the “Faq Accordion” plugin? “?

  1. More than 58K downloads, with an average rating of 4.8 / 5;
  2. Ability to create multiple FAQ pages;
  3. Faq style accordion;
  4. Customization of your models
  5. Easy configuration;
  6. Ready to be translated

5. Tutorial – “Step by Step”

  1. Why use the Step by Step plugin?
  2. Create instructions easily;
  3. Specify a different image for each step
  4. Specify a different text for each step
  5. Can be used for any instruction that requires a step-by-step procedure;

What tools does your company use to make customer service more efficient?