Currently, there are many passwords that we need to remember. Indeed, a password is required for the Windows network connection, an e-mail account, a password for your website, online passwords such as the site member account and the list go on!

Also, it is recommended to use a different password for each account to promote the security and confidentiality of your data. For example, if you use the same password for all of your accounts and someone discovers this password, they will have access to all your data. To fix this problem, hence we introduce you to KeePass for your safety.

KeePass: Password Management

KeePass: Password Management

Why use KeePass?

KeePass is a tool that promotes the management and retention of passwords. In a professional or personal environment, KeePass is a free solution that keeps your passwords safe. Here are ten reasons to use KeePass:

  1. KeePass is free software, and uses a dual algorithm: AES and Twofish, which are reputed to be used by banks among others;
  2. The complete database is encrypted and not just the password fields. So, your usernames, notes, etc. are encrypted too;
  3. KeePass is portable: it can be transported on a USB key and runs on Windows systems without even having to be installed;
  4. The list of passwords can be exported to different formats like TXT, HTML, XML, and CSV;
  5. KeePass supports the fields related to the time: creation time, date of last modification, last access time and expiration time;
  6. Just double-click on a field in the input list to copy its value to the Windows clipboard;
  7. KeePass allows you to generate random and complex passwords for you quickly;
  8. You can set the possible output characters of the password generator (number of characters and type);
  9. It allows the management of multiple users;
  10. The software is free.
KeePass: Password Management

KeePass: Password Management

Before you start

In order to use the tool, you must create a database where the passwords will be kept. In order to create the database, you must:

  1. Open KeePass
  2. Press the “new” database button
  3. Choose your name and location
  4. Choose a password to access passwords. Do not forget that it must be highly secure! This is the key that opens the safe containing all the information.

If you forget this password, there is no way to access the database.

(As you enter your password, KeePass will give you an estimate of its quality in terms of security).

  1. Press ok
  2. Fill in the requested information if necessary.
  3. Press ok

Here! The creation of the database has been done, and you are now in the main interface of the tool.

KeePass: Password Management

KeePass: Password Management

An opening of the Database

Once installed, run the application and choose the database. Subsequently, the tool will directly open the last database used.

In order to open the database, you will have to enter the password.

Common tasks

Create a folder

In the box on the right, you can create as many folders and subfolders as you want. Simply:

  1. Right-click on the parent folder
  2. Choose “Add a group.”
  3. Enter the name of the folder
  4. Press ok

You can move your folder as you wish after that.

Create passwords

Once in the right directory, in the right section, you have to the right click and choose “Add entry” or choose the corresponding icon in the top menu.

Once the creation button has been chosen, you will the window opened and,

Fill in the necessary fields and press ok.

KeePass: Password Management

KeePass: Password Management

Generate a password automatically

Tap the create password button and choose the first menu item. You will arrive at the password creation section.

Just choose the different criteria and the length of the desired password. Once satisfied, press ok.

Confirm by pressing ok again.

Retrieving password information

Once the password is found, you can double-click in the area corresponding to the password, username, URL, and notes.

The information will copy for 12 seconds (you can use the “paste” function for 12 seconds).

The dots in red on the image are the places where you can double-click.

Change a password

Double-click on the title of the existing key.

And you? Do you use password management software for your SME? Share your experience with us!