Whether you’ve managed your business for a while or you’re planning to start a new business, there are always tactics that can help you improve your business by minimizing risk and maximizing success.

Here are the six tips that you can integrate into your strategy to get the best results.

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

  1. Determine your target audience

Define your target audience is the basis of your marketing strategy. Finding your target market allows you to pool your efforts and your marketing budget towards target customers.

Knowing who you’re talking to, you’ll be able to come up with the best deal, know how you’re going to communicate, and know how you’re going to sell.

  1. Create a positive customer experience

The customer experience is through the interaction, the exchanges you can make with the consumer, whether before, during or after the act of purchase.

Without customer feedback, you will not adjust your offer on demand. As a result, you will likely lose your existing and potential customers. You need to create a lasting attachment to the consumer and your offer and your brand.

One way to better know the needs of consumers is the knowledge of your customers through the use of social networks. Having a presence on social networks and creating a website is an ideal basis for developing your marketing.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer the opportunity to give customers their opinions.

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

However, according to Opinion Way, only 47% of VSEs have set up a website (survey of a sample of 606 business executives with fewer than 20 employees over two years old).

Thus, they do not benefit from this visibility on the Web to reach the maximum of customers.

Many consumers use these networks as a means of disseminating their brand or business opinion.

You must, therefore, develop your online presence and respond to different requests so as not to let consumer opinions fall into the abyss.

These opinions are a real gold mine for customer returns and allow you to enroll in an optical imprint continues.

  1. Bet on relationship marketing: one to one

With so many rivals in the market, it can be difficult to stand out. One way to retain repeat customers and win new customers is to create a personal connection with them.

For this, you can develop relational marketing by valuing an individualized “one to one” and sustainable customer relationship (loyalty).

Make sure your team can have personalized and individualized customer interaction. This interaction must be done in accordance with the rules of courtesy, but it must be personalized.

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

This behavior must be sincere, friendly and oriented towards customer satisfaction. Leaving a good impression is important. When your team knows a customer by name and knows how to meet their personal expectations, it ensures the creation of a link and attachment of the customer to your business.

Customers are also people who are sensitive to affect and availability, and they are essential contributors to improving relationships between your customers and your employees.

  1. Know how to meet expectations

Advertising is important. Its role is to make your offer available to the consumer, in order to create a demand for your product and stimulate purchases.

But good publicity will not do you any good if it does not reflect reality. Trying to overvalue your products and lie to your customers is not the best way to develop your project.

False or misleading advertising can be a real cleaver and seriously jeopardize your business.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your ads are not misleading or likely to mislead the consumer as defined by law.

Heavy penalties are provided for false or misleading advertising (Article L121-1 to L121-7 of the Consumer Code).

A principle of integrity must be applied to all aspects of your advertising. From price tagging in your store to your Facebook page and on your website, you must respect your customers by offering them quality products at real prices.

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

There is nothing worse for a customer than to expect to reach an agreement and finally end up with a completely different deal.

Ensure that you satisfy the expectations of your customers and respect your offers. This is where you will gain notoriety.

Be sure to follow the advice of your customers by using social networks and comments from your customers, as mentioned in Step 2.

  1. Reduce waiting times

There is nothing worse for a buyer than waiting in a long queue or calling with any of your services.

It’s important to understand how many people are needed to absorb the customer flow properly. Understaffing is one of the reasons for slow customer service.

It is important to follow the average waiting time of the client according to the days of the week, in order to be able to remedy this by setting up an action plan. Tracking this data can be difficult and time-consuming, but you can use a customer flow management system.

This software is informed about the customers waiting. This data will be useful for planning your workforce the following year at the same time and with identical ongoing promotions.

The payment procedure can be another bottleneck for the service. Juggling between different payment methods can be pretty heavy management for your employees and a source of confusion for your customers.

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Companies can deal with these different transactions by training staff to have a standard procedure. Once your employees are trained, they can speed up transactions and make no mistake.

It is also important to equip a payment terminal. It will be necessary to choose between a purchase or a renting with specialized companies Some companies propose hiring’s on measures over short periods and without engagements.

The more difficult the payment methods and the longer wait, the more your customers will get impatient, leave without shopping and may never come back.

Tell yourself that the time your customers lose in cash is more time than they could have spent in your shop.

  1. Do not imitate

Nowadays, the market is a battlefield filled with companies that compete for ingenuity to attract customers.

It is easy to observe your main competitor and imitate his business strategy. Although it may be easy, it will not lead you to any viable long-term strategy and will not allow you to go beyond.

For your business to be at the forefront of the market, it is important to innovate.

Many business leaders are afraid of change and prefer to continue on the same basis thinking that “it is in the old kettles that we make the best soups.”

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

Six Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Growth

However, this inertia can finally leave your company in a static situation and weaken you in front of your competitors.

According to a study conducted by BpiFrance, at the national level, 0.2% of VSEs and 4% of SMEs are qualified as “innovative.” This rate is very low, in the face of a market that is increasingly under the influence of new technologies, and which is growing at a rapid and continuous pace. To innovate becomes a necessity.

To improve your business, you can:

  • target your customers to consolidate your efforts and marketing strategy into the most profitable segments,
  • to be closer to the needs of your customers,
  • Build customer loyalty by personalizing your customer relationship through relationship marketing.