The one thing that many job-seeker dreads are job interviews. However, there is always hardly any escaping it as being it the only method with the recruiter to gauge into your personality and ascertain whether you’ll end up right to complete the job in question.
IT consulting is simply profession which offers consulting services to the IT Companies and an IT consultant typically is employed by a consulting firm.
The IT consultant is hired using a company coming in and analyze their IT systems and structure. As consultants, you have to work for that company until the task is done.
IT consulting usually involves advising and walking a customer through assessing the size of your companies IT needs and developing processes for applying information technologies in a manner that greatly benefits a business. An IT company are going to offer services in that they will monitor and manage PCs for customer to guarantee the IT device is functioning correctly and securely.
IT Consultants provide strategic, architectural and operational going to support customers’ IT needs. The role of the IT consultant is usually to be a technical specialist that makes a specialty of integrating technology into businesses and showing clients increase profits with IT more effectively to reach objectives and targets.

4 reasons why recruitment consultancies are favor for companies In India:
• Effective Business Solutions
• Save money
• Effortless access for qualified candidates
• Access to candidates with In-Demand skills

Generally, fixed fee IT consulting is in a certain quantity of training, in a defined time-frame.
Many organizations are now moving towards a fixed priced IT consulting model.
This trend is anticipated to continue as more companies now require delivery of IT Consulting services in a defined a moment price structure.
Open ended consultancy models generally favor the consulting firm, because consultancy firm is rewarded using a per day basis, there’s no incentive to perform assignments within a fixed time. The exact result often being risk of project and cost overrun.