“Every business begins in a small way with the hope to earn money.”


“Ours was a bit different! It was born out of the frustration to set up one!!”


Back in 2015, when we decided that the well launch a company with the intention to make certain products, we found that there are tons of other things, that are required to be finished first before you can launch a product. There was of course lot of information available on the Internet and also there were innumerable products for each of the things that you wanted to do. There were managed services also that were available. The price for each of these varied enormously. The time required to choose one of them kept increasing. And there was a lack of good quality at affordable prices under the same umbrella.


“This situation exist even now and will do so in future”


GMC Consulting and Training is an attempt to help small and medium businesses establish themselves quickly and not go through the frustration of having to create all infrastructure themselves.


Our motto:

Live and let live.


“No problem is big or small for us, we help you without breaking your bank, so that we all can coexist”